Monday, 12 March 2018

Divesting from plastics (and a question about soap flakes).

My plastic jug of liquid laundry detergent being empty I looked today for a replacement in my local supermarket, with the hope that I could avoid plastic containers.

There were only two brands of powdered detergent in cardboard boxes on the shelves.

I opted for this 

But even the cardboard box has a light plasticy laminate, so I am not sure how recyclable it is.

(Incidentally, contrary to public lore,  the origin of  the Arm and Hammer brand name has nothing to do with an oil tycoon named Armand Hammer.  But he was wealthy enough to buy some shares of the Manufacturing Company and to gain a seat on the Board - see  )


Other notes:

1.  I am not persuaded that detergents are good for us, or good for the environment  (waste water etc).

2. I looked in vain in the supermarket for soap flakes, as a more environmentally friendly product.  When I found this product on-line it was to discover that some soap flakes are made from Palm Oil, and Coconut Oil.  Is this any less harmful to the failing health of planet earth?   Are there green soap flakes?

Environmentalist and Scientist friends, please let me know.

3. Fabric softeners are unnecessary (we no longer dress in serge or sack-cloth!), and are bad for the environment.  Stop using them please!!

4.  Most of our washing/laundry garments are not very dirty.  They can be safely and efficiently washed in cold water, with just a tad of detergent (about a quarter of the manufacturer's recommended amounts).

5.  In a like vein it is unnecessary and harmful to wash our hair with shampoo every day. Maybe once a week is enough, and then only using about a third or half of the printed instructions on the shampoo bottle.

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