Friday, 4 May 2018

A most wonderful way to start the day - what a gift!

What a way to start the day.

There is a Mum, a Dad, and daughter who walk every morning at about 7:00 a.m. in Arlington Park, SRQ  It's about a twenty minute walk, not far from their home

The daughter is aged about seven.  This early morning peregrination is before she goes to Southside School.

When the family and I see each other we have a wee chat.

I think that what they do is wonderful, and I have told them so.

Think of it this way:  Can you think of a better way to start the day for the wee girl before she goes to school, and for the parents before they set about their duties,  than to take a lovely walk together?

They are not in any hurry. They chat and prattle.  They hear and see the birds. They enjoy the trees. They meet their favourite dogs.

The hopeful part of me hopes that fifty years from now the girl will say  "the best part of growing up was that my Mum and my Dad took me for a walk in the park every morning before I went to school"

Of course this privilege is not available for all.  There are many reasons why early morning family time is rushed and busy, and there is no nearby park.  I get this.  All the more reason to be grateful for this local family who take advantage of the local park for their family building time.

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