Tuesday, 10 July 2018

It's probably worse that we could imagine

Global average temperatures  4th July 2018

Think that it is hotter than hades where you live?  You are not alone. Much of the world is baking hot.


Global warming

Rising sea temperatures and sea levels

Ice melting in Arctic and Antarctic.

Unprecedented floods in some places

Disastrous droughts in others

Massive deforestation

Extinction of vital species in the oceans, in the air (birds and insects), and on the land

Utterly polluted water sources in rivers, aquifers, and the oceans

Unbreathable air in almost all the world's Cities

Unbridled population increase


Mother Earth is stressed beyond belief.  We are almost certainly on the cusp of a global ecological melt down leading to famines, food shortages, new and deadly diseases, and new military conflicts.

I fear for my darling great nieces and nephews. They are ill-prepared for a future of hunger, thirst, and violence in the streets.


The crisis is not merely local or national.  It is international.   How should we respond?

Please God it will be by cooperation not fissuration.  I am not optimistic.

This is because I suspect that the impetus for BREXIT,  and for President Trump's incoherent trade policies etc are somehow unconsciously rooted in the belief that we are in deep doo-doo.  In the face of the coming ecological disaster their answer is to  "circle the wagons".

What if the wagons encircle not much more than death, disease and destruction?


We have all greatly rejoiced in the rescue of those twelve young Thai footballer players and their coach from what seemed to be certain death in a deep, dark and flooded cave.  We've breathed a sigh of relief, admired the courage of the brave rescuers, and wept for the Thai "Seal" who perished.

Guess what?  The rescue was made possible because of international cooperation.

GET THAT  you wagon circlers.

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