Saturday, 29 December 2018

A visitor to "my park"

Zion and I walk each day (sometimes three times) in a not well known jewel of the City of Sarasota - Arlington Park.  It's a lovely place, not immaculately groomed like many urban parks, but more like a bit of rural Florida in the middle of a City.

We know many of the other "regulars" and their dogs but we encountered a stranger last week.

Stock photo', not mine

It was an American Mink, instantly recognisable by her/his bounding gait and swimming skills.

My best guess, based on his/her size is that she/he was a "farmed" mink - raised for the pelt  (UGH)  who broke loose.

Wikipedia tells me that minks are usually nocturnal and are solitary animals.

So it was a treat to see one in my park!

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