Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Yes to Christmas Day 2018

I do not open the Christmas Cards I've received until Christmas Day.  That way I can take an hour or to savour the memories of old friends, and to rejoice in the ways they have loved and cared for me.

After a few chilly days and nights it's been pleasantly warm today.  A day to leave my front doors open, and for Zion to bask in the sun.

For the fourth or fifth Christmas Day in row my friends Diana and Fred have asked me to join them for the "over the top" Christmas Buffet at the Longboat Key Yacht Club.

Here is the raw bar with cheeses, shrimp, oysters on the half shell (yum), cold salmon (and great salads which you cannot see)

There were two other stations, one with a "carvery" (ham, turkey breast, prime rib beef) and great vegetables in abundance; another with desserts to die for.

Fred and Diana are great hosts.  At table with us were three of their church friends who turned out to be delightful company.


All this and some fine walks with Zion at Arlington Park where we encountered not a few other dogs and owners who were out and about for their post Christmas meal walks.

A good day.  I am grateful.  And never a word about Brexit or the dangerous man in the White House.  What a bonus!

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