Christmas in Povey land 1950's/60's

There were treats which always appeared at Christmas-tide

Dates in a box, usually on the stem, never pitted, sometimes with a little wooden fork to avoid sticky fingers.

Always Jordan Almonds.  To suck them gently until the almond emerged, or to chew them and risk ruining teeth? 
Dried figs  (one of my Mum's favourites). I never saw or ate a fresh fig  (yum!) until about twenty five years ago.

Figgy pudding.  I've never seen or eaten this despite singing "we all want some figgy pudding" and "we won't go until we've got some"

Never figgy pudding, but always home made Christmas Pudding made by my mother and oldest sister  (in November).  

Never with white sauce, always with Mr. Bird's Custard.

Invented by Mr. Alfred Bird for his wife who was allergic to eggs which are a staple ingredient in traditional custards.  Bird's Custard is a beloved staple in the U.K.


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