Thursday, 27 December 2018

On meeting someone as wacky as I. (Or "how to curse with elegance")

Remember fondues from the days when they were served at every other drinks party?

Then they went out of style.  Pity the sad Fondue pots banished to storage in the attic or basement.

The good news (or the bad news depending on your taste) is that Trader Joe's is trying to resurrect the fondue with a ready made sauce.

They were giving out samples yesterday. After a taste I said to the staff member in charge of samples  --- "Fondue, now there's a word which has gone out of style".

She agreed.  I suggested that we should resurrect it as an elegant curse e.g. when dropping an egg on the kitchen floor we should not say  "Oh sh-t", but "Oh Fondue".  

Or " Why in the Fondue did the President say that" ( to be used many times each day).

The Trader Joe's employee liked the idea.  When her young daughter steps out of line she will say, with a furrowed brow and a reproachful tone  " Oh Fondue"  ( i.e.  "whatever possessed you do/say that").
For fondues sake, please curse with elegance.

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