Wednesday, 30 January 2019

A fixed routine is important. And it makes me laugh.

Prince Zion of Sarasota has two meals every day, morning and evening. To keep it simple, both are called breakfast.

He will not eat until we have completed a fixed routine.

1) When I am preparing the food ( high quality lamb-based kibble mixed with freshly cooked sweet potato or green beans) he lies in the hallway with one eye on me in the kitchen.

2) When I place the dish of grub on a small wooden stool he arises and sits by the kitchen door.  He will stay there until I rub his pate and tell him that his "nice breakfast" is ready,

3)  Then he takes four steps forward and sits down again.  This is the cue for me to rub his chest and tell him that he is a silly old coot.

Then and only then will he eat breakfast.

This fixed routine cracks me up every day!  When he lived in Louisiana he must have read "The southern canine guide to etiquette".

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