Sunday, 27 January 2019

Cold,raw, rainy day in Sarasota.

Cold by south west Florida standards, never got higher than the low 50's F.

Cold rain all day (and we are not in the rainy season).

So raw  (yes I am getting wimpy by New England standards), so gloves, layers, and a woolen hat were called for.

No long walks with Mr. Zion, but enough for him to do his business.

BUT there was brightness on a grey day.

(1) Lamb and mixed vegetables, braised in Japanese Yum Yum sauce for my lunch.  Good meal to dispense gloom!


(2)  Lovely photo' of Jonathan and Andi Taylor. taken at St. David's Church, South Yarmouth MA  where Andi is the Rector  (she was formerly the loved and respected Asst. Rector at St. Boniface here in SRQ).

St. David's had just completed a great Annual Meeting. 

The smiles were for the joyous benefit of the Clerics who have been enthusiastic friends and admirers of the Revd. Andrea (Andi) S. Taylor along the way.  

(She has also been one of my teachers).

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