Monday, 28 January 2019


Our Representative in Congress, Vern Buchanan (R) mails "surveys" a few times each year.   

Here is the most recent (click on the link)

Top priority for Congress eh?

Jobs and the economy?
Social Security and Medicare?
Federal spending and the national debt?
Opioid epidemic?
Climate change?
Health Care?

I'll add God, mother, and apple pie?

I have concerns about all of the above, but my concerns cannot be simplified to making a check mark in a box(look at the actual survey in the link above to see what I mean).

For example, I could check a box indicating that immigration issues are important to me.   But what would that mean?  

Could it be that:  (a) I am in favour of President Trump's wall building, or (b) that I believe that immigrants enrich our American life and that a simple and clear path to citizenship is wise and prudent?

With that in mind I refuse to respond to his survey.  It is simplistic to say the least, and to say more, it is an insult to the voters in his district who are quite capable of sophisticated and nuanced thinking about a wide range of national concerns, none of which can be reduced to making a check mark  ("tick" in the U.K.) on his bogus survey.

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