Friday, 18 January 2019

I've become one of those people who bothers and annoys you...........

.....when you are in a check out line in a the supermarket and the person at the front of the line can't get it right.

I was that person today.

I was trying to use the debit/credit card machine at a local market.

Attempt # 1  I removed the card before the clerk/cashier had processed the button on the till which indicates that the purchase is complete. 

Attempt # 2  All went well until when the screen asked me to confirm the amount I pressed "No" instead of "Yes".

Attempt # 3.  I pressed all the buttons with success, but removed the card too soon.

By this time I knew that I had been pegged as a decrepit old man! 

But the clerk/cashier (a smiling Mennonite/Amish young woman - I could tell by her head covering) had evidently learned to be graciously patient - probably through listening to long and dreary sermons from decrepit old preachers - was utterly patient with me.

Attempt # 4.  I took it very slowly and with a smile 

Hey Presto - fourth time a charm!

I turned to the clerk/cashier and her trainee, and to the four people in line behind me and said  (with a grin on my face) "I'm sorry, but I don't get out very often".

There were smiles and laughter all around.

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