The best cup of coffee in twelve years (go sulk in a corner Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, Panera Bread & Co)

I have long lamented the lack of  a good coffee house in Sarasota.

But acting  on a tip from a dog walking pal I was with my neighbour and friend Barbara B at PERQ (1821 Hillview St -  just around the corner from South Osprey St.)

Oh my goodness, I had the best cup of coffee I've had in oh so many years.  The very fist sip delighted my palate and made me realise that the offerings from the supermarket which are my regular morning beverage are (may I say) cr-p!

The menu is a wee bit arcane, but co-owner Keith Zolner talked Barbara and me through our choices.

Mine (pictured above) was made with coffee grown in Guatemala.  It was exquisite!

I asked Keith Zolner if PERQ used "Fair Trade" beans.

No,  but PERQ buys its beans (I think by using a broker) directly from farmers in various lands, thus ensuring that the farmers are not slaves to "Big Coffee",  but instead get a good return for their hard work.

Twelve hours later I am still salivating at the memory of the superb coffee I drank this morning.


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