Sunday, 28 April 2019

When The President Creates His Own Reality.

"He told stories readily and repeatedly (filling them with vivid, convincing, detail) about the year he spent in California as a teenager, about his college girlfriend and the denouement of their relationship, about his father,whom he often sought to portray as a drunken ne'er-do-well - about, in fact, a hundred aspects of his youth. And not merely many but most of these stories were false. Aiding in his success, moreover, was an aspect of his temperament, with which, during his Presidency, Washington was to become familiar: and extraordinary preoccupation with, and talent for, secrecy.  This talent was striking even in his youth, and in the concealment of his own life story the President outdid himself".-----------

------------"In a sense, Lyndon Johnson not only attempted to create, and leave for history , his own legend, but to ensure that it could never be disproven"

Robert Caro, In his introduction to "The Years Of Lyndon Johnson. The Path To Power"

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