Thursday, 2 May 2019

When France, and Great Britain "do it" better.

Most mornings I am up and at it long before the crack of dawn.

Zion and I take a twenty five minute walk around the neighbourhood at 5:00.

By 6:30 we are at Sarasota's Bayfront Park for our second walk. From there we drive to Arlington Park via Bahia Vista Street for our third walk.

That's where it gets difficult in the winter months.   We are driving east on Bahia Vista at a time when the sun is low in the sky.  It's just about blinding.

Stock photo'

After our Arlington Park walk I have to drive east again, crossing the traffic lights at Tuttle Ave., and later turning left at the lights at Beneva.

I always hope to be second or third in line at these lights so that I am not the one who has to squint up into the sky to look for a green at the overhead traffic lights.

Oh to be in France.

Of course there are overhead traffic lights, but they are supplemented by eye level lights to make driving  easier for the first and second in line on green, and for subsequent drivers when they turn red.   No craning of the neck, or squinting.

And another thing!

I find that when it is dark, turns off minor roads  are often hard to see.

The Brits. have taken care of that problem.

Many minor turns are indicated by illuminated bollards.

Smart people those British and French traffic engineers!

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