I was happy to be a guest today at a surprise birthday party.  It took place at Sarasota's "Flemings Restaurant" -  which, as they say, is not too shabby.  (My first ever visit there).

We were in one of the private dining rooms.

Here is the party menu

I chose the Crab Cakes  -  they had more than a passing acquaintance with a crab  (i.e. not much filling and a whole lot of crab).

The "sides" were excellent.  I had some Spinach (to be a good boy), and a ton of Lobster Macaroni and Cheese ('cause it was so darn good)!

I am not a great fan of Cheesecake, but the Flemings version was utterly good.

The guest of honour was the always fabulous Charlotte Thompson. She and her husband Ron became my friends shortly after I moved to SRQ in 2006.

  Charlotte was well and truly surprised -  even shocked!


Charlotte and Ron danced together.


Ron and Char's daughter Erica arranged this party by 'phone from Plano TX where she now lives.


With my dear friend Char.


In our Happy Birthday glasses.  Barbara (c) and Kay (r). 

I had the privilege a number of years ago  of introducing Ron and Char to Barbara and Kay.  They were School teachers and members of the Parish I served in Pittsfield  MA. They now live in Bradenton near the ING Academy.

I am so happy.  A terrific party with fabulous friends. 😁


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