Saturday, 15 June 2019

I Made A Lemon Posset

Until a few days ago I had never heard of the traditional and fairly ancient Anglo/Scottish dessert called POSSET.  (Shakespeare mentions it in Macbeth).

My good pal Rick P. put me on to posset, so I made some today.

I hope that you like my elegant ramekins!

'Tis truly delicious. That has nothing to do with my culinary skills -- it's all in the recipe.

There are many variants, but this is how I made it (using U.S.A. measurements)

I brought three cups of heavy whipping cream, and one cup of confectioners sugar  to a very slow boil.  At boiling point I added the juice of three lemons (and a bit of lemon zest), then stirred the mixture well.

Next I put in all into a large glass jug, then cooled it before pouring it into my er·satz ramekins.

These I placed in the fridge to cool and coagulate for five hours.

Not bad?    Maybe.

Very good?  yes indeed!

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