Wednesday, 12 June 2019

My favourite cheese

My favourite cheese is Morbier, from France.

Read about it here

It looks like this:

You can see the charcoal ash line.


I used to be able to buy Morbier at Whole Foods Market.  They ceased to carry it, telling me that the (American) Food and Drug Administration had banned its import on the grounds that it is made from raw milk.

Be that as it may I found a Fine Foods Company in Miami, FL which (despite what the FDA says) is able to import the real thing! 

Oh joy. Oh bliss.

I had a sumptuous lunch today (Duck Breast with Fava (Broad) Beans from Laubrys) and heirloom mushrooms .  More about my good lunch tomorrow.

Having feasted well today at mid-day I enjoyed a simple evening meal

Toasted bread with Morbier Cheese and "Compari" brand tomatoes.

May I say "yum"?

Indeed I will say YUM!

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