Thursday, 13 June 2019

My lunch time feast, yesterday and today., and my cold soup prep for tomorrow

        In my waning years I eat my main meal at mid-day.

Yesterday (12th June), and today (13th  June)  I had the same thing.

Duck breast, with mushrooms (shiitake, oyster and "baby bella"), and Fava Beans.

Oh so good!

(When I ordered my favourite Morbier cheese from Laubry's Fine Foods I saw that they also offered Duck breast and Fava Beans. I could have resisted (!). but I did not, so I ordered them too!)

Fava Beans  -  what are they?

Some of you may have grown up knowing them as Broad Beans. I did, and I like them.

They are hard to come by in this neck of the woods.  Yoder's Market on Bahia St in Sarasota has them from time to time but they are often in pods which show signs of age, and usually have only two or three beans in each pod.

The "Laubry's" Fava Beans are sans pod. The outer tough skin on each bean has been removed, and they are fully cooked - they simply  to be heated  -  which I did by steaming them.
A feast fit for a  King, or in this case for a Povey.

good,    better,   best!

In today's food prep mood I also made some Gazpacho.

Lots of labour intensive food prep,  with peeling, seeding. chopping, blending, pureeing etc., but the end result is well worth while.

Hers is the JMP version of this Spanish in origin cold soup.

Funny isn't it that what was originally a cold soup made by Spanish (Seville) peasants in order to use up leftovers,  has become a kind of haute cuisine.

I am by no means a gourmet cook - but I delight in making Gazpacho in these hot summer days.

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