Wednesday, 6 November 2019

More Good Eating

I stopped by Captain Brian's Seafood restaurant yesterday to buy some fresh fish.

I saw fish called Hake  (part of the same family as Cod and Haddock).  I bought some, having never seen it before in an American seafood joint, or American fish-monger.

It was good!   Hake has a richer flavour than its cousins Cod and Haddock.

The local "chippy"  (Fish and Chip Shop) of my youth was called "Evelyn's".    We'd get our fish and chips there. Mostly it was codfish, but if there was hake (slightly more expensive) we were instructed to get that for Mum (we, the children had to settle for cod!)

Mum's first name is Evelyn, so I suppose she deserved the best that "Evelyn's" could offer.

Captain Brian's also offered another fish which I'd not seen or thought about in scores of years.

 This is Skate  ( I think the "wing" of a ray type fish).

On my very first visit to Mum's home town she bought Skate with  Chips at her Aunt's local chippy, even as she exulted in its wonders.

I was not a happy little boy  -  skate is so bony.  The trick is to run your fork down the bones to harvest and eat the fish. I was not up to that trick!

Now I suspect that I would like Skate, but having bought both Hake and Haddock at Capt. Brian's yesterday my "old man experiment in eating Skate" will have to wait until by next visit to the fish counter.

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