O.K. you *Yankee tourists". Lay off your criticism of toast in the United Kingdom

*  "Yankee" being a European word for all Americans.

So you go to the U.K. or Ireland as a tourist. You stay in a B and B, or a Hotel and return to the U.S.A. full of complaints about the breakfast toast.  "It's cold", you say, or "it's too hard.

You are complaining about this; which has been set at your table.

What is your problem?  Do you truly think that it is inferior to to the under-toasted and soggy bread which will be served to you as toast in an American diner or breakfast house - with a hard butter pack, and a small "plastic packed"  bit of what purports to be jam or jelly.

You must turn your thinking around.  U.K. and Irish breakfast toast is to be thought of as more like a Crostini  but served with butter and jam, rather than with bruschetta.

BUT WAIT! there is more.

We of U. K. origin also delight in thick slices of bread, well toasted, smothered with butter, and laden with good jam.

Such was my breakfast today!

Well toasted

Slathered in butter

Brought to perfection with premium made jam.


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