I had planned to write a profound (ahem) review of Nancy Isenberg's important work "WHITE TRASH. The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America"  (Viking 2016) but today's welcome early morning rain and cool temperatures caused my "profound synapses" to seize up.

This too shall pass.

So it's spuds.

I had never heard of Hasselback potatoes

until this morning, when I saw them at Trader Joe's.

Oh my goodness.  So very good!  I cooked mine (from frozen), and  then slathered them with cheese, and with some Lemon Butter and Dill sauce in which I had cooked a bit of Haddock.

Food fit for the synapses impaired!  ( I made up for the unhealthy aspects of this meal by also including some broccoli.)

I could become addicted, save for the fact that T.J's is a past master at withdrawing popular items from their shelves, and that two of their frozen Hasselbacks cost $3.39 - that's a mighty expensive way to buy and eat spuds!


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