Thursday, 5 December 2019

Making me smile, giggle, or laugh out loud.

Surely it has not escaped your attention that I have a silly sense of humour.


1.  My smart 'phone has a voice mail to text feature which is not always smart.   I got a message yesterday from the office of my dermatologist Dr, Stroble.

Voice mail to text insisted that her name is Dr. Struggle.

'Twould be a good name for an orthodontist who specialised  in the extraction of stubborn wisdom teeth.


2.  Years ago I listened to an English evangelist, one David Hislop. He would pitch his preaching  tent in a field near a small village or town, or on some waste land in a City.   Then he and his supporters would canvass the neighbourhood to invite folks to come to his "tent campaign" and hear the Gospel.

One time I heard him say this in a sermon.  "God has promised to cast all our sins into the depths of the sea, and then God puts up a sign saying "no fishing".

It made and makes me smile.  God forgives, and then God forgets!


3. When I lived in Chicopee MA  (1980-1984) I would sometimes tune in to a local religious broadcast radio station, especially to listen to Brother Shamrock who preached in the old fashioned southern way from Tyler, TX.   

I liked his humour.  One day I heard him say  "now some of you saints say that you were miserable sinners until you found Jesus."

"You did not find Jesus, he was never lost".

"He found you!"

True enough.


4.  And now the best!

I was at Sarasota's Temple Emmanu-el last Wednesday for their monthly "Lunch with the Rabbis".

Senior Rabbi Brenner Glickman gave a presentation about a Brandeis University demographic study of  the local Jewish population.   The study had been  sponsored by the Jewish Federation of the  Sarasota/Manatee Counties. 

Brandeis made 8,000 'phone calls in pursuit of this study.

Enlightening stuff.  The Jewish populations  of the twin Sarasota/Manatee counties are preparing for the future.

An audience member asked if the survey had included the number of burials.  It  had not.

My table companion whispered something to me.  It was funny.  I urged her to raise her hand and say it out loud. She declined so I asked if I could say it.

Permission granted I raised my hand,  Rabbi Glickman called upon me to speak.

"My table companion" I said "thinks that there is no information about burials because those who are buried  did not answer their 'phones".

That brought the house down.  We all laughed out loud.

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