Friday, 9 May 2008

Birds, Frogs, Trees and Cats.

I walk early each morning (6:00 a.m.) for an hour. My route takes me through the Glen Oaks Ridge Community where I live, and also through the Glen Oaks Manor Community.

In the morning twilight I am greeted by the songs of the Northern Mockingbird. They never cease to delight me.


A pair of Mockingbirds are nesting near my home. They are fierce in the defence of their home. They are not too crazy about my presence, but they tolerate me. Not so the crows. What fun it is to see a Mockingbird drive off a flock of crows (the bully birds).

The pond at Glen Oaks Manor is home to a few bull frogs. I am not sure if they are alerted by my footsteps or my early morning shadow, but whenever I pass their abiding places they croak. They croak with a deep groaning sound. I always reply with a hearty “good morning”.

Each of the communities is graced by Jacaranda trees. (I had never seen these in Massachusetts). They are in full bloom right now, with blossoms which will last for a few short weeks. ‘Tis a fleeting beauty to be sure, and perhaps all the more precious since it is so short lived.

I used to say that I hated Florida. But now I believe that there is much to be said for this part of the world - with Mockingbirds, Bull Frogs and Jacaranda Trees as a part of the delight.

I’d also never been fond of cats. But now that I am owned by my adoptees, Adelaide and Ada, I venture to say that cats are amongst the greatest of all creatures.


  1. Oh how quickly you have become owned by your kitties! It doesn't take long to realize that this is their world (house, bed, etc.), we just live in it, provide food, scoop litter and perform occasional scritches behind the ears. The Egyptians were on to something, I think (and the cats agree!).

  2. Jacarandas are so gorgeous, aren't they? I grew up with them and didn't realize until later that they're a regional treat. They are about to burst into bloom here in California, and I'm really hoping they do so before I head home.

  3. I'm looking forward to retirement and learning to love things I thought I never would. You give me courage, dear friend.