Wednesday, 7 May 2008

This, that, and the other


Peter Tchaikovsky was born on May 7th.

As was Johannes Brahms.

And my Mum. She would be 96 years old today, but with the grace and mercy of God she died in 2001.

Betsy Pusey is a dear friend in Pittsfield. Her Mom, now passed was also a May 7th child. Betsy and I chatted today as we always do on May 7th.

Frances Brown, a parishioner in Fitchburg also shared this birth date. She passed many years ago.

But Barbara Sweatman, also from Fitchburg yet lives. She was 80 years old today, and we chatted this afternoon.

As Anna Vincent in Pittsfield and I also did. Anna is 90 years old today - another May 7th birthday.

And I sent an e-mail to my former colleague, Margaret Quill, now in Texas, also a May 7th child.


I spent some time with J. P. today. He is a Res. House guest. He was in tears, as he knows that he is dying from liver disease.

His life is complicated. He drinks too much; he is estranged from his wife; and he has mental illness.

He is scared of dying alone.

I made two statements.

(1) That if he stops drinking his liver might well regenerate.

(2) That if he is to be reconciled with his wife, he and she would need a third party to guide them.

I made two promises.

FIRST that I would call Hospice to see if they offer services to the homeless who are dying.

I made the call, and Hospice (thanks be to G-d), are willing to help.

SECOND, that if he dies on the streets I probably could not help, as I would not know where to find him. But, if he is facing death in a Hospital, I would be with him there so that he would not die alone.


In the U.K. having “a bit of the other” refers to sexual congress. That’s not on my horizon.

But the local Mocking Birds are mating like mad. And in this mating season, they guard their territory well.

It is so wonderful to hear the songs of the Mocking Birds.

But it’s more exciting to see them drive off the predatory Crows. This they do with great skill and persistence.

And they are always successful.


Yeah for the Mocking Birds.

Yeah for May 7th birthdays.

Yeah for Hospice.

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