Monday, 5 May 2008

Am I stupid or what?

Adams has not returned. I hope that he is safe.

So I returned to the Humane Society today and adopted "Tuffy", an eight year female, to be company for Adelaide.

I have renamed her "Abigail" in honour of President John Adams' wife.

The two cats are sussing each other out, but apart from a bit of hissing from Adelaide, they seem to be intrigued with each other.

Adelaide seems to have needed a bit of extra TLC this afternoon. She's been a bit stand-offish with me.

(But all the literature and lore suggests that two cats do better than one. So I think that Addie will adjust with grace).

I'll keep you posted!

See pics.



1 comment:

  1. Not stupid -- it could have happened to anyone. I, too, hope Adams is o.k. and will turn up safe eventually.

    I assume you've fixed the broken screen? Cats can be pretty resourceful and get out of even the smallest spaces if they want to.

    Two cats are definitely better than one, so I'm glad Adelaide has a new friend! I'm sure you will enjoy watching their antics as much as we enjoy our kitties. :)