Thursday, 8 May 2008

Damned by the gods of our own creation

The Revd. Jeremiah Wright has been excoriated for one phrase in one of his sermons: “God damn America”. The pundits and the public have allowed this one phrase to be the sum total of the man. All the vitally important things he has said have been drowned by the cacophony of criticisms.

I’d certainly hate it if my career as a Priest and Pastor was damned by but one thing that I’d said.

I’d also be angry if my parishioners had been judged “guilty by association” on account of my words. But that is what has happened in a McCarthy-esque way to Senator Barack Obama.

And of course, Pastor Wright’s words are not far from the Biblical truth. The Hebrew Prophets were more than willing to say that biblical Israel would be judged harshly when she oppressed the poor.

In the Christian tradition it is the “nations” who are cursed for their lack of concern for the hungry, the thirsty, the sick, the naked, the imprisoned. (see Matthew 25).

If I am to criticise Pastor Wright, it would only be to say that there was an apparent lack of sadness in his remark. But the same could also be said about the extreme right-wing Pastors who are supporting John McCain. They have not been excoriated.

Americans often proclaim that our national ethos is rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition. But our words have been negated by our deeds.

For we are indeed being damned. If not by the Biblical G-d, then most certainly by the gods of our own created.

We are a nation which bows at the altars of the false gods of militarism, consumerism and international arrogance. We bow to the false god of straight white male domination.

Above all else, we have bowed the knee to the most false and illusory god of all - the god of “national security”.

Our government is racing to exalt this god by ignoring the constitution, spying on its own citizens, turning a blind eye (at the least) to torture, and to dangerous overseas military adventurism.

“We the people” are complicit in this idol worship by our silence.

John McCain has “bought into” the myth of national security. I expected no less.

But, to their shame, neither Hilary Clinton, nor Barack Obama have dared to question this perilous status quo.

For above all else we have accepted the “necessity” of the corporate/feudal state, a spawn of fascism.

For more on this, see the following article which is from the blog site of the Modesto (CA) Bee newspaper.


Why would the "corporate state" wish to eradicate the middle classes?
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The destruction of the American economy leading to the eradication of the middle class, is essential to the fascist/feudal state; the rich live at the expense of the huddled masses, who eke out their meager living in squalid conditions at the pleasure of the rich feudal lords.
Here are the characteristics of fascism when directly produced by corporatism. Kindly study them very closely:


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