Friday, 17 October 2008

Credo: fifth report

CREDO provided a skilled faculty, members of which enabled plenary sessions, workshops, worship and individual consultations.

We were led in such on the four themes of health, finance, spiritual life and vocation.

Daily Worship in the Chapel was gentle and filled with lovely quietness. The rhythm of daily worship and the lusty singing of hymns brought a sense of well being.

But I lamented the lack of inclusive language. God was always referred to as “he”, and most of the pronouns were in the masculine gender.

John Harris of Cincinnati, OH and Phyllis Strupp of Scottsdale, AZ excelled in the areas of finance. John was particularly good in matters relation to taxes; the Church Pension Fund; and Social Security/Medicare. Phyllis excelled in her plenary and in an individual consultation on long term financial planning.

Mary Margaret Davis RN, of Alaska was great on health. She had a “guilt free”, and encouraging attitude to matters of diet and exercise.

Ernie Bennett of Florida was a joy to meet - he is such a well grounded and humorous man. His plenary on “vocation” was amusing at the time, but I cannot recall a word of his content!

Perrin Radley of Maine, and John Harmon of Washington DC were “in charge” of worship.

Perrin was the pianist for the services and he played wonderfully. He helped us sing well.
His homily had good content, but was delivered in a stilted style.

John led a plenary on “spirituality” which left me numb. It was so wordy and so complicated. I “checked out” about 1/3 of the way into his speech, and dozed off to sleep.

Yet I had a one on one consultation with John (making an old fashioned confession) which left me refreshed and filled with joy.

The star of the show was Jo Ann Hardy of Michigan. She was the conference administrator, and thanks to her there was not a glitch in all the arrangements.

Jo Ann is the kind of person you’d love to hire to arrange a family re-union; or a trip to Kazakhstan, Peru and The Gambia. She would get it right!



I was at the bank to cash a cheque. As I returned to my car, a couple was getting out of their vehicle parked alongside mine. The wife said “we love your bumper sticker”. It was for OBAMA.

Later I stopped at a traffic light alongside a car which also had an Obama sticker. I tooted my horn and the driver looked over. As he saw my “thumbs up” he grinned from ear to ear, and returned the gesture.

We are two and a half weeks away from the General Election, and “hope springs eternal”

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