Saturday, 18 October 2008

Credo: sixth and final report

Before you read my final report on CREDO (which I know you long to do!), please watch the marvelous John Cleese on Palin/McCain


It was wonderful to see two former Western Massachusetts colleagues at CREDO, Marilyle Sweet Page from Rochester, NY, and Denis Ford now in Colorado.

Marilyle had been in Westfield, MA. Denis had been in Springfield, MA, and later he was in Lee MA.

I enjoyed these colleagues in Western Mass, and it was great to see them again.

Since those days Marilyle’s husband had died, as had Dennis’ wife. Denis is now very happily re-married.

There were new colleagues to meet. Most were fine and enjoyable new acquaintances, but there were also two or three doozies. I relaxed in the thought that I’d never have to meet the doozies again. (Perhaps they thought the same about me!).

But on the whole I am happy to say that I was with a good group of retired colleagues, all my peers.

I liked most of them, and most of them liked me.


I drove Ben to a new opened Wine Store which he was anxious to see. The variety of wine was astounding. Ben thought that that process were excellent, and he bought $100 worth of good wines.

After lunch at a Japanese/Chinese restaurant we went to see the Bill Maher docu/movie

It was amusing enough, though a bit sophomoric. Bill was good in poking holes in religious argumentation, but he did not get anywhere near the idea (which I share) that the Bible must be understood as myth.

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