Thursday, 16 October 2008

Credo: fourth report

One measure of a Conference Centre is the quality of the food. Duncan Conference Cente excelled in this field.

We were provided with a constant supply of reasonably healthy snacks, sodas, juices and iced tea. Coffee (that great Sacrament of the Church!), was available from 6:30 a.m. until 10:30 p.m.

Breakfast included oatmeal, grits, sausage, egg and bacon, together with sweet pastries. For diet conscious folks like I there was also fresh fruit in abundance.

Lunch saw good salads and soups, together with a hot main course, or sandwich fixings.

For dinner there was the usual meat (usually pork or chicken); lovely vegetables (crunchy and not over-cooked); and various carbs., such as pasta or rice.

So I was able to stay on diet, and gained but a pound in one week.

I did let loose on Friday night when we were served a barbecue. I enjoyed a cheeseburger (without bread), a barbecued chicken leg, and barbecued shrimp. I enjoyed being off diet for one night!

Hats off to the Duncan Conference Centre, for good food, and a rich variety.


My good friends Dain and Constance Perry from Charlestown (Boston), MA were here for dinner tonight.

Dain is one of the two sons of my great mentors Kitty and DeWolf Perry.

Many Perry family cousins are engaged in showings of “Traces of the Trade”, the story of their ancestor, the Bristol, R.I. slaver James DeWolf.

See for details of this film.

Dain and Constance are in town for a showing of the film at the Convention of the Diocese of South West Florida (Friday and Saturday in Bradenton, FL - just a few miles north of here).

I made a tasty salad with spinach, orange peppers, good tomatoes and sliced red onions.

This was followed with my home made “Black Bean Soup”. The recipe calls for black beans; cooked and sliced up bacon; with diced tomatoes, sautéed onions and garlic; and chili powder, all cooked in chicken broth. I added some sautéed and sliced up chorizo to spice it up.

There is no point in being modest - it was very, very good. Simple cooking of casseroles and soups is a cinch!

Good food is good!!!

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