Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Credo: second report

Duncan Conference Center, Delray Beach, FL

On the first two days of the CREDO conference we were all much like cats.

Some folks were sniffing at each other, wondering if they’d get along.

Others (such as I) were prowling around on the edge of things, showing up for food, but all the while looking for an escape route should one be necessary.

By the end of the conference there had not been one single cat fight. We were each resolved to get along.

But I was sharpening my claws “just in case”. One woman “drove me crazy”. She kept up a running commentary in the plenary sessions, and was always the first to answer a question.

Then I realized that she was not a constantly mewing cat, rather she was simply “thinking out loud”. So I was able to tune out her babble and did not need to get mad.

Inevitably a couple of participants prowled at the edges all week. I could but hope that they were enjoying the event even though they were not “joiners”.

Of course I was missing Ada and Adelaide, but the Conference Center had its own cat “Monk”, a stray who had adopted the Center. I befriended this very shy cat, and was in cat heaven when he jumped up on the bench besides me, and then relaxed on my lap.
Back at home

I turned into Calliandra Drive (the street which leads to our condo. complex) today, and there they were - two of those gorgeous Sandhill Cranes.
They are such lovely creatures, and they mate for life. You never see one without the other.

Sadly they are fearless around humans, and all too many of them get killed on the streets and highways.

Later in the day I had an hour’s worth of oral surgery. It was all but painless, but I have a big fat upper lip.
The pain will come when the Novocain wears off.

The most painful bit was not being able to talk for an hour!

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