Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I think of myself as a “Povey”.  That was my father’s last name.

His father was also a Povey, but his mother was a Bennett.

My mother was a Finch. But her mother was an Ames.

So I am one fourth Povey, one fourth Bennett, one fourth Ames, and one fourth Finch.  Each is a good English surname.

Since my Dad (Henry John Povey) had no siblings I am much more aware of Mum’s side of the family – the Finches.

Thanks to my first cousin Chris Finch I have been able to enjoy some Finch family photo’s.

In this one (dated to about 1918) you will see my maternal grandparents:  Francis John (Jack) Finch and Kate Ames Finch with their eight children.

My Mum is the young girl on the bottom right of the photo (as you view it).  She was then about five or six years old.

I am so happy to have been able to see this photo’ of my Mum as a wee lass. 

I am also glad to be able to see a photo’ of my maternal relatives which was taken some 93 years ago. 

How amazing that I knew many of the family members in this photo’ from circa 1918!

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