Tuesday, 14 June 2011


My mother's birth name was Finch.  She was one of the eight children born to John Francis Finch and Kate Ames (my grandparents).

None of them survive though we are blessed that my Aunt Irene (Parsons) Finch, (who had been married to my maternal Uncle [Walter] Wally) yet lives to bless us with her grace and beauty.

Her younger son, my cousin Chris Finch, is thankfully interested in the genealogy of the Finch family, and he has posted a number of photo's on Facebook.

In the photo' you will see some of the Finch folks when Wally Finch and Irene Parsons were married (1946?).

By then my grandmother Kate Ames Finch had died, my uncle Albert Finch had been killed in the Normandy invasion, [ my brother Martyn and I took our Mum to see her brother's grave in Bayeux, France in 1994], and my aunt Kate Finch had died from tetanus poisoning.

In this wedding photo'  I am on my mother's lap, and my twin sister Elizabeth is being held by the bride, my beloved Aunt Irene.

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