Friday, 25 October 2013

Beauty not our own

May I never take for granted the beauty of Earth's/God's/Evolution's (take your choice) creatures which I frequently see here in South West Florida.
All of these photo's were taken in Florida (but none by me).

Sandhill Crane

Red tailed Hawk

Bald Eagle

Nesting Ospreys

Anhinga ("Snake Bird" in Mexico) with fish for dinner.

Anhinga with wings outstretched to dry. I call this the "Christ-Bird" - with wings outstretched to embrace the entire creation.


Perchance I could also learn to appreciate my least favoured  neighbours the crows and the squirrels

Wretched creatures.
Crows:  Collective Noun -  A Colony, or a Dray, or a Scurry  (but in my lexicon a "murder" of  crows)


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