Thursday, 24 October 2013

F.P.L., Judge Judy and other ramblings

It must have been my blog entry yesterday wot dun it.

F.P.L. sent a man and a truck to our street today and all the street lights are now working.

(On the negative side, this leaves me with nothing about which to complain).

Speaking of complaining, there is also non-complaining.  I was reminded of this at yesterday's Resurrection House prayer service.  One of the homeless men prayed for those who are less fortunate than us.

Most days in the late afternoon I encounter an amiable old duffer who takes his constitutional around the pond. I keep a few yards between us since he claims to be allergic to dogs.

The man always wears a short sleeved shirt, and sweat pants which are held in place by braces/suspenders.  That's a wise choice for a skinny and waist less older person.

He also carries what we used to call a "walking stick", but since his is modern and metal I am not sure what it is called.

The other day the man paused.  Then he used his "walking stick" to scratch his back.  For some reason I found that to be very funny.

Why do people say "a short period of time", or "a long period of time" when "a short time", or "a long time" is utterly clear.

Even the redoubtable Judge Judy said "a short period of time" on her show broadcast on Oct 23rd. 


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