Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Florida Power and Light and other Capitalist Failures

The Tories in the U.K (with their hapless and gelded allies - the Liberal Democrats),

and The Coalition in Australia (see )

and The Republicans in the U.S.A.

and The Conservatives in Canada

all subscribe to the myth of the free market (a.k.a. "unfettered capitalism")

The free market (they say) will bring:  the best benefits, the lowest prices, the most efficient services to we the consumers.

Oh yeah? (1)  

 I protest -  the American "free market" is skewed in favour of so many businesses by taxing zoning, "anti-green", and de-regulation policies.

These policies are certainly in favour of business , but they are  against the best interests of the consumer.

In the U.S.A. we describe this as "Of the people, by the people, for the oligarchs.

Oh yeah? (2)
 Here is an unfettered  account of how  capitalism works for the "hoi polloi" or the "average Joe", or the "common man" in Sarasota FL. and especially at Glen Oaks Ridge in Sarasota FL where I live.
1.  Our Electricity is supplied  by a monopolistic business which has no competition viz "Florida Power and Light" (FPL)
2. Our Cable service is from a locally monopolistic business known as "Comcast",
Comcast and FPL have no competition in my area. I must use their services or go without  electricity or cable. 
I could live without cable.   It's useful but not essential.
But I truly need electricity.  
And my community needs electric light and power. 
That need is not unreasonable since we are not a "Third World Backwater"
And yet  FPL treats us as if we were of no account.
You see, Glen Oaks Ridge recently paid for new underground cables and lanterns for our street lamps.
But the lamps cannot be activated until the aforesaid  FPL hooks them up to the local transformers.
This they have done for most of the street lamps in our community.
This they have not done for the four street lamps on my street, and for one around the corner.
Despite many letters, e-mails, and 'phone calls  FPL has adopted a Laissez-faire  position which says:  'Damn you peons, we'll get your street lights working when it is convenient for us (but not for you).
Such is the nature of the free market.  It serves us so well eh?

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