Thursday, 24 July 2014

Bob and Fish and Chips

Bob lives in the neighbouring community of Glen Oaks Manor.

I see him often as he, in an electric wheel-chair, walks his (Airedale?) Terrier "Scout" around the pond. Bob has a very loud voice  (as I have previously noted, like the sound of a Corncrake).

Scout, an otherwise friendly dog, has taken a strong dislike to my Penne, so Bob and I have learned to maintain a safe distance.

'Twas about two months ago that Bob invited me out for lunch.  We went to our local "Alma's Kouzine", and enjoyed Alma's fabulous savoury crepes.


Every now and then I get a craving for certain foods.  For instance, just a few days ago I wanted to tuck in to some good fish and chips.  My body and mind longed for this "British National Dish".


Soon after my return from England I saw Bob one morning.  He yelled across the pond "call me, let's have lunch again".  I had hoped that our earlier lunch was a one-off affair, but I promised to 'phone him.  We set a date for lunch today.


Have I told you that Bob is a ninety-two year old WWII veteran, that he and his wife Lilian have been married for 67 years, that they have three children and numerous grand-children, and that he grew up in Dorchester MA where his father was an "Irish Cop" in the (predominately Irish)  Boston Police Department?  Indeed his Dad knew James Michael Curley!


Off we went to lunch today.  Bob suggested "Kacey's Sea Food and More" - a restaurant about two miles away. I had never before been there.

Guess what was on the menu?  Yes indeed - Fish and Chips.

Of course I ordered them.  It was a good choice.  The cod-fish was fried to perfection in a crunchy batter. The chips were fabulous -  crisp on the outside and "fluffy" inside,  The sides were O.K. - not bad cole-slaw, and o.k. hush puppies.

(see )


As we ate lunch and chatted Bob said "I am mostly housebound these days". 

Then I "got it".  Bob is restricted in his movements; his horizons get smaller each month.

He has selected me, for whatever reason, to be one of his life-lines to the wider world.   I am honoured.


I promised Bob that I would make the next call, and that lunch would then be my treat at the Oasis Restaurant on South Osprey in SRQ.


I suppose that this is  a "retirement ministry".  I'll take it,  just so long as it comes along with great fish and chips!

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