Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Life's Moments (not always good).

(1) Please pray for my Palestinian friends in the diaspora:  Wafa, Leila, Hani (1), Hani (2), Nejwa, Matthew and Eric.  Their hearts are aching, their minds are numbed.

(2) Maggie was a sixteen year old Westie, the beloved dog/friend/companion of my pal Bob (and of Bob's departed partner Keith.

Maggie had to be "put down" today because of complications from her kidney failure.  That's tough for Bob (as all other dog owners will understand).

(3) My junior cat Adelaide has in recent days been yowling persistently by the back door  - her way of telling me that she wants to go out of the house.

I have occasionally given into her pleas and let her out, thus violating  the rules of our Condominium Association (and the rule of common sense - "think about the birds")

I gave in to her cries and let her out yesterday evening. (She  cuts a fine figure as she explores the great outdoors).

Then off I went to bed with never a thought about Adelaide.  When I awoke this morning I remembered that I had left her outside all night.

There she was at the back door, miaowing plaintively to be let back in. Goodness knows for how long she had sustained these nocturnal cries.

BUT she's not once "asked me" to let her go outside today!

(4)  And my new "specs" arrived at the Opticians' Office today (just one day after my ultimatum which yesterday led to a 50% refund on the cost  ---tee hee!).

Ultimatums and discounts aside, it is now much easier to read.

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