Sunday, 20 July 2014

Life's good moments (1)

When I got home from Church and from sharing Holy Communion with an at home parishioner this morning I noted that my car's gas/petrol tank was moving towards "fumes".

Certain as I was  that every gas/petrol station in the world would be closed on Monday morning, I drove out at 4:00  to get twenty bucks' worth at my local "Dodge's Store" petrol/gas pumps. (Best prices in this neck of the wood, and wonderfully friendly staff).

I entered the store since  I was being extremely old fashioned and was  paying by cash. Another customer, an apparently fifty-something man, greeted me with warmth, enthusiasm, and a big handshake.

It took me a minute or so before I realised that we knew each other because he had been a guest at Resurrection House (Sarasota's Day Shelter for Homeless people).   To be truthful I would never have recognized him, but he knew me.

Turns out that he is now back on his feet, and has had a full time job for a number of years. He said that he does not need the services at Res. House these days, but that he would be there again should he fall into need.

So dear folks

(a)  please remember that (despite what the newspapers may report)  many homeless people are anxious to work, and to find permanent and affordable housing,

(b)  that agencies such as Res House often give people the temporary leg up which they need,

(c) that only the wilfully ignorant believe all the scary myths about the homeless, and that

(d) a formerly homeless man brought joy to my heart today (this after a Church service which had been boring to the max!)
Dodge Store via Google Street View

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