Monday, 21 July 2014

Life's good moments (2)

On my way home from the Dodge Store and Gas station yesterday [see "Life's good moments (1) ] I stopped by my local Publix Supermarket to pick up this and that.

I entered the Supermarket and saw that my very favourite clerk/cashier, a woman named "Lowie" was on duty.

In truth she saw me first,  and greeted me with her usual joyful enthusiasm. I said "when I have shopped I will come to your check-out even if it has the longest queue".

As it happened her line was very short so I was able to keep my promise.

She asked "Do you remember Kyle"?

Of course I do, he was a High School kid who formerly worked at this Publix Store. He was an inspiration for he worked with energy, skill, enthusiasm and general bonhomie.  His good mother Barbara also worked at this store, and she became one of my favourite staff members.

In due course Kyle graduated High School.  He opted for a career in the Air Force.

'Twas about nine months ago that Barbara told me that her son Kyle had been posted to Afghanistan. I promised to pray for him every day.

Then I lost sight of Barbara.  It transpires that she has been very ill.

Lowie brought me up to date. Kyle's  four year stint in the Air Force has ended.  He is now back at home and has been hired in a Management training programme at Publix. He is working at their Longboat Key Store.

I wish him good luck, but since his store is about ten miles away from my home I doubt that our paths will easily cross.  In the meantime I worry and pray for his good Mum Barbara.

Dammit  I do not have their 'phone number, nor do I know their last name.


If you read the saga of my new eyeglasses you will remember that there have been inexplicable and annoying delays (four weeks!) on the part of the Independent Opticians who work out of a local Target Store.

Last week I called them and said that I would cancel my order if it had not been completed by today.

So off I went to Target this afternoon. My new frames were in a basket labelled "hot order".  The Manager was sincerely sorry, but she had to tell me that the lenses had not yet arrived.

She asked if I still wished to cancel, but added that she would grant me a 50% refund  if I would "hang in there for a while".

That refund amounts to $133.  (Better than the  $75 refund which had been my mental "bottom line"!).

So I will be patient. With any luck the new frames and lenses which were billed for over $500 will cost me $133,  thanks to the excellent Eye-Med programme which is part of  my Episcopal Church Retirement Medical Insurance, and to a Target Optical Services Manager who offered me this decent refund.

Yours, from the almost 1%,


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