Friday, 11 July 2014

Cat to the chase (awful pun)

Ada and Adelaide took a trip today.  They were not too excited about this but they had no choice. it was time for their triennial rabies shots.

Early this morning I set out two cat carriers. This gave them the opportunity to sniff and to explore.

At about 2:30 I decided it was time to place them in their carriers in preparation for the car ride to the vet a bit later.

I snagged Adelaide first of all since she is the most able to run and then hide  So (feeling like a cheat) I picked her up as to caress her, and then put her in the carrier before she could do a disappearing act.

So far so good, but Ada watched the action and guessed that she would be the next in line. So she ran and hid.  A chase to the cat ensued until I was able to locate Ada under a china cabinet and pull her out by the tail  ( I know, how cruel, but needs must).

Both cats in the carriers I set them down into the calm and cool of the spare bedroom so that they could relax, and get used to their temporary imprisonment.

Came 3:45 and it was time to load the car.  As I began to carry the cat carriers from my house to the car Penne got in on the act. She (in human terms) became highly perturbed and anxious.

Why were the cats in these carriers?  Where was I taking them? Why couldn't she come in the car with us?

Once in the car I was treated to a duet of protest as Adelaide (a soprano) and Ada (a baritone) miaowed their misery.  Fortunately the vet's office is about a mile and a half away so the cat-tanta was brief.

At the vet's office they each recovered their feline dignity and behaved with British type stiff upper lips as they were weighed (Adelaide 7lbs, Ada 10lbs), examined (they are both in good shape), and given their injections without protesting.

Back at home Penne went wild with excitement. She sniffed at the carriers and once the cats were released followed them around the house, nose a-sniffing and tail a-wagging.

I will have to take a restful day tomorrow for this has been enough excitement for me to last for a few days.

"Cat to the chase?"   see this

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