Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Not much, but no political comment today.

1.  Oh my sweet dog. (1)

As we walked out yesterday she pulled me up to the front door of my neighbour Ed.  He is one of her favourite people. 

I said "Ed is away, he is in North Carolina for the summer".  I walked her back to the roadway.  Not to be deterred by mere words Penne pulled me again to Ed's front door.  She was so determined to see her pal.

I  again explained to Penne that Ed. is away, and led her away for a walk around the pond. She is not entirely sure that I spoke the truth.

2.  Oh my sweet dog. (2)

This morning as Penne and I walked out she decided that a visit with some other neighbours, (Bert and Polly and their cat Daisy)  was to be desired.

I had to explain to Penne that Bert, Polly and Daisy are in Indianapolis. She was not entirely convinced of my truthfulness.

The odd thing is that Penne has no interest in our cats Ada and Adelaide, but she is "crazy" about Daisy. Go figure!

3. Cars:  We can't live without them - but they suck up our dollars.

All the recent huffings and puffings of my car came to a head today when, returning home after a brief shopping trip,  I could hear the noise of boiling in the car's radiator.

Thanks to my membership in A.A.A. I got a "free" tow to Sam's Auto - a local auto shop which I deeply trust.

Sam's Auto tells me that my  car's radiator is shot.  I have no reason to disbelieve them (and based on previous experience) I have every reason to trust their word,.

With that in mind they have ordered a new radiator  (coming by overnight U.P.S. from Fort Lauderdale)  so that with any luck I'll have the use of my car again ASAP.

Please do not ask about how many of my dollars will be sucked up for this Auto repair, save to say again regarding cars (in this neck of the woods)  we can't live without them - but they suck up our dollars.

How and why did we create such an automobile dependent culture?

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