Wednesday, 9 July 2014

My Great-Nephew and buses

My great-nephew Ryan (7) has a great interest in buses and bus routes in our home City of Bristol. He has a great knowledge of many of the routes and was fascinated by my stories of the Bristol area bus route #319 which I took a few times.
I wrote to Ryan today, via his Mum my good niece Nicola.  Here is what I said:
"Hi Ryan I went on a 'bus today because my car is being repaired.
 In the place I live the buses are called S.C.A.T which stands for Sarasota County Area Transit.
I had to walk about ten minutes to the 'bus stop, and then I took 'bus number 6 to the centre of Sarasota.
It was a fifteen minute journey and it cost me 60 cents, that's about 35 pence (cheap because I am old).
All our buses are single deckers. The one I rode was very modern and had air conditioning. 
 People can put their bikes on the front of our buses, that way they can cycle to the 'bus stop if they live too far away to walk. 
 I could not find a picture of a number 6 bus, but the one here, number 12,  looks just the same.
The X100 bus is an express. It has very comfortable seats, and free Wi-Fi 
 Also there is a picture to show you what our bus stops look like."


Incidentally dear readers, our SCAT service is not great, but it is not bad. For instance my nearest bus (route 6) runs every half hour during the daytime.  I can use it to get to the big "Sarasota Square Mall", or to go downtown to get to Resurrection House (which is what I did today) or to the Library, City Hall, County Offices, or the Whole Foods Supermarket.  But I would need to take three bus routes to get to Church - with highly inconvenient transfer times between each bus
However, SCAT provides an essential service for the "working poor", for car-less seniors, and for students at our local colleges e.g. the Sarasota County Technical Institute.

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