Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Back to 1976

The fabulous couple Al and Doris Williams (see yesterday's blog) worked behind the scenes, and raised some money so that my mother could come to the U.S.A. from England to be present at my ordination as Priest on December 17th 1976..

The first plan was that I would be "surprised" by seeing  Mum at the ordination.  Wise heads realised that this would be all too much for me.

So the good folks at the Church of the Good Shepherd disclosed their wonderful plan to me a  bit early.

 'Twas just as well,  as I had planned to be on a retreat at the Episcopal Monastery in Cambridge, MA on the day of Mum's arrival at BOS.

I cut my retreat short, and joined a convoy of cars which transported folks from Fitchburg to Boston to meet and greet Mum.

Al and Doris Williams were part of that convoy, together with other fine Good Shepherd parishioners such as Elsie and Vic Sidlaskas,  Bob and Fran Brown, Thelma Osgood, and Ruth Card with her mother Annie.

I already knew Al Williams well enough to know that he was "game" for a bit of fun.  So he agreed to wear a wee bit of make-up, and to carry a hand-bag so that I could introduce him to Mum as my new "boy-friend".

Mum bested me and saw through our jape.   Just as soon as she emerged from customs and immigration,  and saw Al in his regalia,  she said "I know who you are.  You are Al Williams".

I bless God for these memories of Al, Doris, and Mum.

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