Saturday, 27 September 2014


I am not at all certain about the meaning and efficacy of prayer.

I am reluctant to pray to God requesting certain outcomes.

So, when I pray for people I think that I am simply "naming them before God", i.e. bringing them by prayer into the presence and ambience of the Holy One.

Most of my praying takes place during my early morning walks with my dog Penne.  I have three lists which Penne must now know by heart.


My Bishops in Massachusetts and Florida

The parishes I have served in both States:  for  their Pastors, and for people in those congregations who are in special need.


For friends and acquaintances who are in special need.


For my family members.  This is a long list.

It includes my eight siblings and their spouses.

It includes my nieces and nephews, together with their spouses/partners/ boyfriends/girlfriends.

It includes my great nieces and nephews.

This family list includes 63/64/65 people (depending on how good my memory is on any given day).

Can you imagine that?  This old bachelor has about 65 folks in his immediate family circle.

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