Friday, 26 September 2014

Betty and the boys

Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings often see me at the home of my pal Ben for pre-dinner beverages and nibbles.  Bob usually joins us.

This week I asked Ben if our wonderful friend Betty (the nonagenarian WWII marine) might join us.

Ben readily agreed, and he extended the invitation to the ever delightful couple Bill and Patrick, and to the relative newcomer Rick (with his splendid standard poodles Louis and Vuitton).

Of course Penne was in heaven to be with her "besties"  Bob and Betty, and with her boyfriends Louis and Vuitton.   I am always so happy to see the three dogs getting along so fine (especially as Penne is often skittish around other canines).

I brought a tapas plate with meats from Spain (Lomo, Serrano Ham and Chorizo), and with Spanish Manchego and Iberico cheeses.

Bob brought some fabulous Red Leicester cheese from England.

Oh what fun we had. 

There we were, six older gay men  (two older than I, and three younger), each playing court to the fabulous Betty who is as sharp as a tack.  She has wonderful stories, and she is equal to all in her witty comments and responses.

I drove Betty home in the rain.  She told me that she was as happy as happy can be.  She'd had a lovely evening.  She was overjoyed to have been included in this wee repast.

 She is simply a fabulous older woman who, despite the loss of her husband Joe, is up and ready for a good party. 

I want to be like Betty when I am 90 years old!

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