Monday, 22 September 2014

My mother loved to "party" (role reversal)

Cindi and Wes Wasdyke are dear friends who spend each year partly in SRQ,  and partly in Nashua N.H.  I miss them when they are away.
Last weekend the Wasdykes traveled from Nashua to Westminster MA, there to attend a wedding.
Westminster is the next town over from Fitchburg MA in which town I served at the Church of the Good Shepherd (now closed) for four years - 1976-1980.
I warned them in advance that the locals often call the town "Westminister" rather than Westminster.
I did not tell them that the locals also refer to nearby Winchendon MA as "Winghinton".
The wedding reception was at "The Old Mill" restaurant which is on the Westminster side of the Fitchburg/Westminster line.   I dined there so often between 1976 and 1980. Wes and Cindy's visit to the Old Mill brought back so many memories.
The Old Mill by day
The Old Mill by night.
At the top of my memory list is a visit there on New Years Eve 1976.
I had been ordained Priest at the Church of the Good Shepherd on 17th December 1976.  A fabulous Good Shepherd couple, Al and Doris Williams (born and raised in Bristol U.K.) had conspired with other parishioners to pay for and arrange a flight from the U.K. to Boston so that my Mum could be present for the ordination.  (Perhaps I'll tell you some more about this tomorrow).
Come to New Years Eve 1976.  Al and Doris hosted a party at The Old Mill that evening. Mum and I were there, together with Al and Doris' son Keith  (then aged 16?), and their daughter Jean with her husband Rene and their daughters. My memory is a bit hazy, but it's more than likely that Al and Doris' son David and his then partner Sue were also there.
After dinner we decamped to Rene and Jean's home to "see the New Year in".  At about five minutes after midnight I announced that it was time to go home.
NOT SO said Mum.  She (sans alcohol - she never drank) had an abundance of party spirit.
So I went home and Mum stayed at the party.
Next morning (Jan 1st) I emerged from my apartment  to get the morning newspaper at about 7:00 a.m. just as Mum was arriving home from the party.
What a role reversal.  I, at aged 32 was a party-pooper.  Mum, at aged 63 stayed out all night.
Al, Doris, Rene, Jean, and my Mum are now with God.  I bless God for their memories.

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