A one skillet (frying pan) meal.

"One skillet meals" are perfect for those of us who live alone

So I made a "one skillet meal" for lunch today.

I started by sautéing five or six stalks of asparagus (cut into 3" pieces), and a heaping handful of edamame (soy) beans in a tablespoon (American size) of butter.

Then I added a three or four ounce portion of lean sirloin steak, and continued the sautéing until the steak was medium rare.

The prep. and cooking time was no more than ten minutes. The one skillet meal itself was delicious.

It was most probably a reasonably healthy meal.

It was certainly a quick and easy meal for a bachelor who lives alone.

(and the "clean up" was simplicity itself. ): one skillet, one plate, one knife and one fork!


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