Friday, 16 January 2015

My cynicism

1.  So there they were today in the White House:  President Obama, pretending to be Franklin Delano Roosevelt,  and David Cameron, pretending to be Winston Churchill.

(The Employers' "new clothes?")

2.  CNN  (Cable Network News) used to be a trusted source for international news (remember their splendid coverage of the massacre  in  Tiananmen Square?)

Now CNN is no more than a shill for governmental propaganda regarding "terrorism".  Their coverage today has consisted of a hashing and re-hashing of so-called news (with a ton of opinion and speculation)  about so-called terrorist cells in Belgium and France.

I used to respect Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper of CNN, as faithful and honest reporters. Now I have come to understand that they are no more than propagandists for the powers that be.

3.  The public/popular  media in the U.S.A. (and probably in the U.K.)  wants us to believe that the human race is at its greatest peril because of terrorism.

In the meantime the major "news" sources have little or nothing to say about climate change, global warming, the degradation of the oceans etc. etc.: those factors which are the chief threat to all life.

4.  As I think about this  I am sh-t-scared for my young nieces/nephews,  and great nephews/nieces. They face a tough future for which they are ill prepared,

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