An ageing teenager with an overload of testosterone (and another local drama) today,

He moved into our neighbourhood about two years ago. I can see his home from my front door.

"He" is a sixty-something military retiree.

I have never cared for his behaviour. He struts around wearing gym shorts, whilst shirtless. (It is not a pleasant sight.) He does push-ups on his driveway, even more unpleasant to behold. He drives a throaty and noisy Camero, and also a loud Hog, revving it up and over as he cruises our street.

I think of him as an ageing teenager with too much testosterone (real or faked). I have never spoken to him.

He arrived at my front door, all un-announced at 12:20 today. Without a word of greeting he yelled "the next time your dog craps on the grass behind my villa, pick it up".

I protested (with vigour) and said " I have never walked behind your villa (true), and I always pick up my dog's poop (also true).

As he retreated down my driveway I said (with even more vigour), "please make sure of your facts before you make accusations".

He responded with "don't say anything more or I'll be back at your front door". I think that was a threat)

I said "I don't want to see you at my front door", to which he replied "then keep your mouth shut".

I was still standing inside my front porch, so with "righteous indignation",on a very high horse, and with even greater vigour I said "Don't you ever to tell me to keep my mouth shut when I am in my own home".


Once I had calmed down I got into my car with Penne, and drove to the Tampa Airport, there to meet my friend Judy B who is down here to visit our mutual friends Ron and Char.

I had good and safe travel there and back. Judy's flight arrived early. We (Judy, Penne and I) sped back to SRQ. I deposited Judy with Ron and Char, and hung around long enough to have a glass of iced tea, and some gentle conversation.


Meanwhile, back in Glen Oaks Ridge (where I live) there had be3en a huge drama. One of my octogenarian neighbours who lives on the opposite side of the retention pond from me ( I do not know him), managed to mistake reverse gear for first gear, and the accelerator for the brake, and reversed into our pond (with two passengers).

Another resident (on the spur of the movement) dove into the pond, and rescued the three old folks from the car - good and great for him.

No-one was hurt or injured. The driver of the car is utterly embarrassed.

At least two of our local T.V. stations have reported on this high drama.

(Andy Warhol would be pleased. Glen Oaks Ridge has had its moment of fame. "We" were on television!)

If this link does not work, here is the initial report from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune



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