Wednesday, 14 January 2015

On the other hand...

On the other hand...

YESTERDAY I was assailed by that ill-tempered man who claimed that Penne had "crapped" on the grass behind his Villa.

TODAY I went to the back of beyond in Sarasota County at an outfit called Lincare to get some filters for my CPAP machine.

I was helped by a employee named Tina who asked "And how is your dog?"

I had previously met Tina when she came to my home in March 2014 to help me set up the CPAP machine. Now, almost ten months later she (with fondness) remembered Penne. That made me feel good.

On the other hand...

YESTERDAY a hapless neighbour drove his Jeep SUV into our pond.

TODAY "pondside" I spotted two Roseate Spoonbills. I've seen these gorgeous waterfowl in the shallow waters of Florida's west coast intra-coastal waterway, but never before in my neck of the woods.

I stood to admire and enjoy them for about two minutes. Then they took off in flight (a first for me, I had previously seen them only on the ground).

It was such a gorgeous sight, maybe "awesome" to use an overworked word!

I did not have my camera to hand, so here are some Roseate Spoonbill pictures from the internet.

On the ground (or branch)
In flight

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